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What are the trends in museum lighting?

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED lighting applications have been extended to many fields, and constantly open up the application in different segments.In the recently held in Beijing lighting exhibition, the museum lighting applications topic has attracted the attention of the industry.In recent years, the application of LED lighting and intelligent technology in Museum, art museum shows a growing trend, and the changes in the development of the museum itself also put forward new requirements for lighting.
The development trend of museum lighting
Museum lighting is related to the overall level of Museum, art museum, the museum, the Museum of art exhibition display effect has a vital role.Data shows, with the rapid development of the cause of our museum how museums in meeting the spectator comfort visit experience at the same time, but also can enhance the whole design and the service level of the museum with modern lighting and intelligent technology has become the industry faces an important issue.

The museum, the Museum of art exhibition display high-quality lighting, in addition to attach importance to the protection of the exhibits, but also to create a a kind of art visual experience, with a rigorous science and technology to create a comfortable and elegant environment to visit, let the audience in a relaxed environment.For designers, according to different exhibits the material type and the display of the overall characteristics of understanding, scientific selection of light with the use of light and a reasonable mix of light and color, in order to achieve high-quality lighting in the museum.At the same time, but also to achieve safe and reliable, economical and applicable technology, advanced technology, energy conservation, convenient maintenance and so on. 



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